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Custom Service for Off Road Vehicles in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona is prime territory for the off roading enthusiast. With a wide variety of terrain from flat desert to rugged mountains and snow, you want your vehicle to perform its best no matter where you go.

At AZ Differential Specialists LLC, we specialize in customizing your vehicle to better handle these environments for a safer, more reliable off roading experience.

Some of the off road vehicle customization parts & services we provide include:

  • Custom differentials for superior traction to suit your off roading needs.

  • Custom Rear Ends & Axles for better mobility performance.

  • Custom gearing to handle the more rugged off roading environments.

  • Quality OEM and after market parts for the ultimate in customization for your vehicle, including posi traction kits, Ford 9 inch lightweight axles, & Dana 60 front and rear axles.

Custom Rears, Axles, Differentials, etc.
Custom Rears, Axles, Differentials, transfer cases, etc.
Custom Rears, Axles, Differentials, etc.
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