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Our Automotive Shop in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Differential Specialists LLC is a complete differential shop with the quality, service and experienced technicians to handle all of your automotive needs. From 4-Wheel Drive to racing, towing or just your normal every day commuting: our expert technicians can assess your needs and customize the components that are right for the job. We have a huge inventory of top quality OEM and aftermarket parts. We can also repair or build any parts required to get the job done right!

Whether you need custom rears, axles, transfer cases, gearing or narrowing we can build or install it for you.

From repairing the family car to customizing the street rod or 4x4, we will treat your job with the same professionalism that we have been known for since 1997.

"Quality service that you can depend on!"

Schedule your free differential inspection today!

  • Locates damaged differential gears and other parts
  • Check the differential fluid levels
  • Test the rotation of your wheels
  • We can discover the source of grinding sounds
  • Check your gear reduction capabilities
  • Done by skilled and experienced technicians
Differential Replacement Service

Come in for a free rear end differential inspection. While you wait your automotive repair technician will inspect every inch of your rear end system. After the inspection you will be notified of any problems that need to be repaired or replaced.

Your rear end differential helps control the speed of your tires in a turn. Without it your vehicle wouldn't be able to make those smooth turns. Rear end differentials can cause problems if not properly maintained. The cause for rear end differential noise is due to internal gears rubbing together. Ignoring rear end problems can lead to major ware and tear on your vehicle which will eventually cause it to break down.

We repair and replace rear end differentials. Our service stops those annoying noises while your vehicle turns; we'll replace low differential fluid which helps stop the differential gears from rubbing together and wearing down.

Service is available for open differentials and slip differentials. We can also service locking rear differentials issues.

Allow your vehicle to have smooth and safe turns. Visit us or call one of our qualified technicians for rear end differential service.

Areas We Service

Located in the Phoenix area, we service the following communities: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Tucson, Peoria, Flagstaff, Prescott, Scottsdale and surrounding areas.

Routine Maintenance, Custom, Off Road, and Drag Racing Vehicle Service

At AZ Differential Specialists LLC we provide all the custom services, repairs and maintenance your off road or drag racing vehicle needs. Some of the custom vehicle services and repairs we provide include:

We specialize in customizing your vehicle for a safe & reliable driving experience both on and off the road. Read more about our Custom Automotive Services

Our Custom Auto Mechanics in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Differential Specialists LLC hires trained technicians and automotive mechanics in the Phoenix, AZ area who are willing to stay on top of the latest technology in the automotive industry through ongoing schools and training. The shop takes pride in being up to date, clean and as efficient as possible to get your car, truck or SUV in and out as quickly as possible. Read more about our Staff and Mechanics.

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