Complete Differential Care

Specialty Services

  • Custom Rears
  • Custom Axles
  • Differentials
  • Gearing
  • Narrowing
  • Transfer Cases

Schedule Your Free Differential Inspection Today!

  • Locates damaged differential gears and other parts
  • Check for differential fluid levels
  • Testing for the rotation of your wheels
  • We can discover the source of grinding sounds
  • Check your gear reduction capabilities
  • Done by skilled technicians

Come in for a free rear end differential inspection. While you wait your automotive repair technician will inspect every inch of your rear end system. After the inspection you will be notified of any problems that need to be repaired or replaced.

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What Does A Differential Service Involve?

  • Replacement of rear end differentials
  • Replacement of rear end differential fluids
  • We can locate and fix those winding and clunking sounds
  • Service good for rear ends that lock up and overheat
  • Spool, wheel and pinion bearings
  • We can service regular vehicles and high performance or custom vehicles

Your rear end differential helps control the speed of your tires in a turn. Without it your vehicle wouldn’t be able to make those smooth turns. Rear end differentials can cause problems if not properly maintained. The cause for rear end differential noise is due to internal gears rubbing together. Ignoring rear end problems can lead to major ware and tear on your vehicle which will eventually cause it to break down.

We repair and replace rear end differentials. Our service stops those annoying noises while your vehicle turns; we’ll replace low differential fluid which helps stop the differential gears from rubbing together and wearing down.

Service is available for open differentials and slip differentials. We can also service locking rear differentials issues.

Allow your vehicle to have smooth and safe turns. Visit us or call one of our qualified technicians for rear end differential service.